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Facial Massager 5 in 1


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Short Description: Face Massager

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This product really works dynamically and is helpful to rebuild your dead skin. Its quality is simply remarkable. You can use it whenever you want especially before applying makeup to properly clean your skin. This 5 in 1 beauty face massager packaging is consists of some very useful items such as: Stone Polisher A helping tool to remove dead skin elements and smooth the skin ideally especially toes and elbows. Brush A small but powerful brush which is really helping to clear the entire unwanted scarf that clings to the surface. Makeup sponge This makeup sponge is a perfect gift for every lady because of its refresh your skin after cleaning your makeup. You can use it every day to feel fresh. Soft sponge A perfect tool for eye and cheeks cleaning gently. Massager Roller It is an attractive tool in a packing, which everyone loves to use after the busy day to get relaxed every day.
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